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Through nourishing meals and an opportunity to help the ones in need Positive Jew offers the world's hungriest and most vulnerable a chance to live. Daily meals and emergency relief are provided to people in need because of war, poverty, and natural disaster.

Malnutrition from sustained hunger is the #1 killer of children - particularly small children. Of the 11 million children who died last year before they reached their fifth birthday, approximately 50 percent - almost 5.5 million children - died as a result of hunger and its deadly partner, malnutrition.

Positive Jew seeks donations to alleviate chronic hunger in vulnerable children by providing a daily meal of rice, soy protein, and dehydrated vegetables to more than 30,000 children at present. This calorie packed meal fortified with essential minerals and vitamins is a nutritional anchor that provides the building blocks for each child's growth and well being.

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Looking for joy? For beauty? Success? In Israel you'll find a lot
Posted by Good News from Israel - Take A Pen on 02/12/18
Far too much of the news published about Israel in the world deal with sad items like conflicts and terror. Thiese are an important but very small part of life in Israel; personal safety is better in Israel there than in some of the richest cities on earth.

Positive Jew rebuild communities in these devastating circumstances, moving them from ruin to recovery.