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Taking care of Holocaust survivors is a key priority, enabling them to live the final years of their lives with dignity and respect. Of the total Holocaust survivors in the United States and around the world, nearly one quarter are age 85 or older, and one in four lives in poverty. As a group they are at risk for depression, social isolation, declining health and problems associated with institutionalization, which can trigger traumatic memories of wartime experiences.

Herded into trains and work camps, they witnessed countless atrocities and nearly starved. They lost parents, siblings, and other family members to Hitler’s attempts to exterminate God’s Chosen People.

Having survived as victims of one of history’s darkest times, it is tragic that they should live out their final years in loneliness, poverty, and more loss.

Israel has over 180,000 Holocaust survivors. Tens of thousands of them are living below the poverty line. This means that precious people who have suffered more intensely in their lives than we can imagine – find themselves once again enduring hardship, often going without medications and adequate food. They cannot afford these necessities, let alone a properly prescribed pair of reading glasses or extensive dental treatments that will help ease pain and bring comfort to their final years.

Positive Jew is stepping in, doing what we can to bridge the gap of unmet needs for these dear fragile Jewish People in Israel. You can help.

With your generous contribution, you will be a part of restoring their stolen dignity and letting them know they are not forgotten. Together we can bring them the comfort they deserve. With your partnership, we can provide them with eyeglasses and dental care, two significant needs that are currently going unmet.

Your contribution will provide this much-needed care to these precious people who have endured so much in their lives.

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Looking for joy? For beauty? Success? In Israel you'll find a lot
Posted by Good News from Israel - Take A Pen on 02/12/18
Far too much of the news published about Israel in the world deal with sad items like conflicts and terror. Thiese are an important but very small part of life in Israel; personal safety is better in Israel there than in some of the richest cities on earth.

One of the greatest things in the Jewish world is l'dor v'dor, from generation to generation. PositiveJew aims to strengthen Jewish identity, build a lasting bond with the land and people of Israel, and reinforce the solidarity of Jewish people worldwide. Our goal is to make every Jewish person Proud, to share and help every person in need.

Star of David is: "What YOU DO and SHARE Down Here (Earth), Is What You Will Get From UP There (God)"